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The top-five winners of the challenge will be offered not only a prize from the AI4EO sponsored prizes, but will also be invited to present their winning solution to the challenge expert team (see the Overview page) with the possibility to discuss and receive feedback from the AI and sea ice domain experts. The Winners event will be held as a half-day virtual workshop following the challenge closure.

It is mandatory for the top-five winners to participate in the Winners event, to get their prize.

The winners can choose prizes from the AI4EO prize catalogue for the following points:

  • The #1 winner/winning team will get EUR 3,000.
  • #2 will get 5,000 AI4EO points.
  • #3 will get 4,000 AI4EO points.
  • #4 will get 3,000 AI4EO points.
  • #5 will get 1,500 AI4EO points.

Publication in a scientific journal

The organizers of the challenge will co-edit a special issue in a high-ranked peer-reviewed scientific journal with remote sensing or machine learning focus. All participants are encouraged to submit a 4 pages manuscript detailing their approach and achieved results to that special issue. More details on the selected journal and submission procedure will be announced closer to the end of the challenge. The participants can submit the manuscript describing their solution here. The deadline for submitting the paper manuscript is two months after challenge closure on 19 June 2023.

In addition, there will be a common article with an overview of the challenge itself and the top-performing participant solutions. The article will be co-authored by contributing participants and the organizers. We expect the contribution from participants to be in the size of 2 pages per solution. The top-performing participants that be will invited to contribute to the paper will be appointed by the organizers after the challenge closure.

Prize Eligibility and announcements of the winners

The final score on the platform leaderboard will decide the winners of the challenge. However, if any concerns about a solution’s validity arise, the organizers reserve the right to contact the team leader of the corresponding team to resolve such issues. If the issues cannot be resolved, the team will not be eligible to receive prizes. The winners will be officially announced following the challenge closure.

The rules for participants' eligibility for cash prizes are described in the AI4EO prize catalog (see link above).

Ownership of your solution

Any of your intellectual property rights contained in the solution you will develop for this challenge will remain yours. While we ask you to submit the code at the end of this challenge to be eligible for the prizes, we will only use this to validate your approach. Any Organizer or other stakeholder who views your code will be required to sign an NDA. Please note that the solutions will be presented at the workshop and must be discussed in the papers, hence the high-level algorithms will be disclosed.

Full Terms and Condition

By participating in this challenge, each team member agrees to the Terms and Conditions provided under this link.

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